Our Story


who we are.



We are Autumn and Jonathan. She is from Nova Scotia. He from British Columbia. We met working together for a company in Vancouver that taught us more than how to sell black stretchy pants. Autumn was the human resources manager, Jonathan the community connector. Guided meditations were a mandatory part of our work schedule and we were pleasantly surprised with how good we felt after quieting our mind. We were more productive at work, more clear in our head, and simply felt happier. Mindfulness + meditation became an integral part of our lives, it opened our hearts and helped us find our truth. Not only did we work well together professionally, our relationship was more than platonic. Undeniably, we fell in love. Shortly after solidifying our relationship, we found out we were pregnant. We gave birth to our daughter named Florence last December. For us, nothing made the present moment feel more vivid than having a baby. Ordinary sights, sounds, and activities brought on new awareness, making us feel more alive.

We moved back to Halifax in May 2018 with the desire to expand upon the health and wellness industry we were apart of in Vancouver. Modern meditation can and should be accessible to everyone, and we feel that mindfulness is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. We created a space to do just that and we hope you will come and sit with us.