calm in the heart of the city 

Flo Meditation + Wellness is in the central downtown core of Halifax, NS. In our always-on society, we are far too often caught up in the hustle and bustle. Time and time again, we are consumed with what happened in our past, or where we are going in the future, that we forget about the present. Being "in the flo" is a state of mind where you are totally immersed in the now. When we give ourselves time to find stillness, we can live more meaningful, happier, and healthier lives. We offer guided meditations, ranging from 15, 30, and 60 minute sessions. Join us for a class to be in the flo, find calm, and just be.

come as you are

Come one, come all. Whoever you are, we welcome you. Mindfulness is being aware, without judgement, without criticism. Come to our studio in whatever you feel comfortable sitting in, from a business suit to yoga clothes, and everything in between.

collaborative space

Our space was brought to life with other creatives from across Nova Scotia including:

  • Meditation Pillows designed and made by Pamela Stone
  • Custom maple wood ComeUnity table by Ronan Meagher
  • Custom display plinths built by Shawn Grant
  • Photography by Hafiia Mira
  • Interior Design by Maia LaPierre
  • Graphic Design by Lizane Tan