what we do.

go with the flo

15 minute 

This is our introductory class. For those who are new to meditation and want to try it out, or those who simply have 15 minutes to be in the flo.

ebb + flo

30 minutes

When you are mindful, you begin to notice that everything comes, and everything goes. When you experience how it feels to accept the ups and downs, life becomes more clear, and you become more calm and happy.

free flo: RUN

1 hour

Come prepared to move and meditate. This session will take you on a guided meditative run, followed by a quiet session to reinvigorate and recenter. 

find your flo

1 hour

Find your breath. Find your rhythm. Find your flo. This session will be focused on self compassion and the sacred intangibility that is accompanied with deep meditation.


flo zone

30 minute

Through sight, sound, and smell we are able to decode the world around us and become fully aware of our surroundings. Prepare your self for a session of reconnecting with the senses.